Claire Buckley

Claire is an environmental management expert with 16 years’ experience helping organisations – public and private, large and small, in the EU and the UK – to understand and improve their environmental performance. She is also experienced in developing environmental guidance and tools and EU environmental funding programmes. Over the years Claire has worked as project manager for an environmental NGO, an environmental consultant, an in-house environmental manager and as a freelance expert.

Claire’s work has included developing guidance and training under a regional environmental business programme; providing environmental management systems support and training to organisations including the European Commission, the Belgian Ministry for Transport and Vivendi; planning, improving and reporting on environmental and energy performance as in-house Environmental Manager; and developing environmental best practice guidance for SME members of Intellect, the UK’s technology trade association.

In May 2012, Claire joined Julie’s Bicycle as Environmental and Energy Director. Since then she has been working with arts and cultural organisations on understanding and improving energy and environmental performance and on sustainability management systems for events.Claire has a European Masters in Environmental Management and is an Associate Member of the UK Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

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