Julie’s Bicycle was created by the UK music industry.

In 2016 our founder and CEO Alison was recognised as ‘Campaigner of the Year’ at the third MusicWeek Women in Music Awards. Our programme includes consultancy for leading music events and festivals including

ADE Green at Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE Green is an official day-long sub-conference of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) filled with interactive panels and workshops on sustainability and social awareness in the music industry. It aims to kickstart a global green dance movement by connecting pioneers in sustainability, world thought leaders, and the electronic music community. Founded in 2013, ADE Green regularly attracts up to 500 delegates.

Past speakers have included

  • Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International
  • Michael Lang, founder of the original Woodstock '69 festival
  • Polly Higgins, environmental lawyer and author of Ecocide
  • Phil Cumming, Sustainability Manager for the London Olympic Games 2012
  • Marian Goodell, Burning Man Festival USA
  • Duncan Stutterheim, ID&T
  • Josh Fox, Director of Oscar-nominated 'Gasland', 'How to Let Go' and 'Love All The Things Climate Can't Change'
  • Matt Black, Coldcut and NinjaTune
  • Shailendra Singh, Sunburn Festival and World's Biggest Guestlist/Guestlist4Good

As a partner, Julie’s Bicycle supports event programming, working with the Green Music Initiative in Germany, Green Events Nederland and others.

The Amsterdam Dance Event is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for electronic sub-genres. It features 300 events and 2,000 DJ's over five days in 80 clubs and venues across Amsterdam, attracting 30,000 visitors.

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The Green Escape at The Great Escape

This year, Julie’s Bicycle programmed The Green Escape as part of The Great Escape festival for new music in Brighton, exploring how different parts of the music ecosystem – artists, agents, labels, venues and promoters – can collaborate to create a greener music industry, inspire new ambition and innovation.

With practical insights from artists working in the industry, we looked from activism to action to understand what artists are doing to become a force for positive global environmental change. We interrogated questions on the most meaningful thing the music industry can do on climate change and how we create a supportive and empowering industry framework. 

Speakers included

  • Melvin Benn, Festival Republic
  • Isla Angus, ATC Live
  • Kate Nash, artist
  • Tony Wadsworth OBE, previously EMI Music UK and Ireland and BPI 
  • Richard Dent, social and political campaigner at Coldcut

Every year, The Great Escape showcases 450 emerging artists from across the world in 30+ walkable venues across Brighton, and a convention for music industry professionals.

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The Future X Music

The Future X Music is a collective of individuals with backgrounds spanning environmental activism, music management, and communications, working to bring together a community of musicians who care about climate change and want to do something about it. Julie’s Bicycle and The Future X Music have co-hosted two evenings at Shoreditch House in London in 2016 and 2017, bringing together artists, agents, and managers to talk about what effective action can look like.

If you are an artist or manager and interested in attending the next event, please contact us.

Previous projects

EE MUSIC 2013-2016

A pan-European project co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Union to scale up knowledge and skills on energy efficiency and sustainable energy management. The initiative organised over 30 workshops and events in 24 countries. It recruited ambassadors in countries including Slovakia, Spain, Norway, Lithuania, Austria, Romania, France, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Iceland, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, and the UK. It produced a collection of resources and case studies on energy management for music venues and festivals, including the translation of the Creative IG Tools into 7 languages. It mobilised hundreds of clubs, events and outdoor festivals to become part of a broader cultural movement towards a more intelligent energy future.

Project Partners included

  • WIP Renewable Energies, Germany
  • Green Music Initiative, Germany
  • Elevate Festival, Austria
  • Terra Systemics, Portugal
  • Ekodoma, Latvia
  • Projects in Motion, Malta
  • Agentur Wicher, Austria
  • United Partners, Bulgaria

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Take the Green Train: Europe Jazz Network 2014-2017

An initiative supported through the Creative Europe programme of the European Union to explore how the jazz sector can respond and create new networked responses in a rapidly changing environment. We contributed towards the creation of a Green Manifesto for EJN membership, which was launched at WOMEX in 2015. We held seminars at Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2015 and the 12 Points showcase festival at Aarhus Jazz Festival 2017. Action research for a ‘green tour’ was organised for saxophonist Evan Parker in 2016.

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CD Packaging Campaign 2009-2010

Based on our research that suggested CD packaging was responsible for a significant proportion of the music industry’s carbon emissions, we convened a working group of music, science and specialist experts to scrutinise the science and business of CD packaging.

Our research found that the recording industry could reduce its packaging emissions by up to 95% by switching from the plastic jewel case to card wallets. Research into consumer preferences and manufacturer capacity supported the recommendation to switch from plastic to card. Under the leadership of Julie's Bicycle Chair Tony Wadsworth, large parts of the record industry committed to a reduction in impacts from CD packaging, enabling their supply chain and artists in the process.