A JB Fellow is a creative professional at the interface of climate/sustainability and culture.

Over the last decade there has been a rapid rise in cultural practice that is sustainable. At the same time our encounters with other sustainable ideas and approaches, and the demand for our work, has significantly increased. As a result we are developing a comprehensive programme of professional development and accreditation that will

  1. Strengthen and accelerate the development of a creative movement powering the sustainability revolution through skills and networking
  2. Legitimise and locate this movement, recognising that the new cultural economy will be driven by sustainable values, goods, services, stories, companies, skills, practitioners and art.

We already work with many of the people powering this movement. And though Creative Climate Leadership, we are discovering many more.

The new cultural economy

The new cultural economy needs to recognise and create opportunities for sustainable cultural entrepreneurs and artists. The JB Fellowship will support the skills, learning and networks to make this happen.

Routes to the JB Fellowship

The JB Fellowship is a professional development programme for leadership in this emerging field of expertise. It includes core competencies and attributes developed on one of the two JB Fellowship pathways: the Creative Climate Leadership course and Recognition of Prior Learning short courses, coaching and mentoring.