Green Heritage Futures is a podcast exploring cultural heritage and climate change.

As part of ROCK, Project Manager Lucy Latham sits down each month with a figure working at the intersection of cultural heritage and climate change to explore their projects and perspectives. The series looks at the importance of protecting cultural heritage in the face of climate change, as well as the unique opportunities of cultural heritage in engaging citizens and driving environmental solutions.

Read about why we're talking about cultural heritage in times of climate crisis

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What is ROCK?

ROCK is a European Union Horizon 2020-funded project focusing on historic city centres as extraordinary laboratories to demonstrate how Cultural Heritage can be a unique and powerful engine of regeneration, sustainable development and economic growth for the whole city. It aims to support the transformation of historic city centres afflicted by physical decay, social conflicts and poor life quality into Creative and Sustainable Districts through shared generation of new sustainable environmental, social, economic processes. Find out more here and visit their website here.

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