As a sector with stewardship, community at its heart and an extraordinary reach, museums have a unique perspective to bring and contribution to make on environment and climate change. 
This webinar explored what environment and climate change means for museums, how museums can develop their environmental practice and the opportunities this can open up, based around the Museums' Environmental Framework.
The webinar took place Monday 30th April  2018: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Structure of the session:

  1. Context: what does environment and climate change mean for museums, risks and opportunities
  2. Practice: an overview of environmental practice across key themes from governance and buildings to collections and learning 
  3. Examples: what are individual museums doing, from energy-saving to environmental programming, and what benefits has it brought 
  4. Insight: a more in-depth look at experience and learning from one of the museums featured in the Museums' Environmental Framework
  5. Julie’s Bicycle support: what resources are available to develop your museum's environmental practice
  6. Q+A

The session ran for an hour with additional time available for the final Q&A section.

Speakers included

  • Claire Buckley, Julie's Bicycle 
  • Anna Brennand, Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust

This event is in partnership with Arts Council England.

Booking for this event has now closed.