What Next? Climate Change

Julie's Bicycle coordinates What Next? Climate Change, a group for individuals across the arts looking to strengthen the role of culture in our society in relation to the environment. Read more


Energising the creative response to climate change. Read more

World Cities Culture Forum

The World Cities Culture Forum is now working with Julie's Bicycle on a new support and leadership exchange programme on this topic to help its member cities scale up their work linking culture and environmental sustainability. Read more

A Letter to Leaders

Over 350 artists and creative leaders from the worlds of music, film, theatre, literature and art signed a letter calling for an ambitious climate agreement at COP21, December 2015. Read more

Season for Change

A nationwide creative programme of environmental work, celebrating the environment through culture and inspiring urgent action on climate change. Read more


A mentorship scheme to empower the next generation of climate leaders. Read more

The Music Programme

We were founded by the music industry and continue to work in close partnership with leading music organisations. Read more


A campaign to share creative action on climate change timed to coincide with UN COP's. Read more


Send us information about your creative projects to promote them through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) website. Read more


A European project supporting historic city centres to become labs for regeneration. Read more

Powerful Thinking

A think-do tank that brings together festivals, suppliers and environmental organisations to reduce costs and carbon. Read more