The Julie's Bicycle theatre programme brings together commercial and subsidised theatres to improve environmental sustainability and to flourish in a low carbon economy. Our work is informed by the UK Theatre Group and is delivered in partnership with networks, consortia and established industry bodies. The theatre industry can make a positive difference by transforming the way it does business. Here's how.

JB's top ten tips

  1. Measure your impacts using our IG Tool carbon calculators
    Find out how >
  2. Build green riders/clauses into contracts Find out how >
  3. Join our JB Green Theatre Network and campaigns
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  4. Do Industry Green for your office, festival, venue or rehearsal space and get the IG mark Find out how >
  5. Be energy, food and water efficient and reduce waste
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  6. Tell colleagues, clients and audiences what you're doing and why Find out how >
  7. Encourage your audiences to travel green Find out how >
  8. Ask for environmental information from your suppliers
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  9. Choose environmental and ethical merchandise Find out how >
  10. Use sustainable production processes Find out how >

If you want to do more there is a list of actions specifically for industry professions and activities. Find yours on the menu bar on your left.