Better Batteries Guide

This guide will tell you why rechargeable batteries are just as reliable as disposables, and 32 times more environmentally friendly. Case studies included show how they can also save you cash.

A practical guide to using and recycling rechargeable battery systems for music and theatre organisations. This guide outlines:

  • why rechargeable battery systems are 32 times more environmentally friendly than disposables;
  • how reliable rechargeable batteries have been for theatre productions that have used them to date;
  • how rechargeables can create considerable cash savings;
  • why and how you should recycle both disposable and rechargeable batteries when they're dead.

The Better Batteries practical guide accompanies the Better Batteries initiative, which aims to roll out the use of rechargeable battery systems across the music and theatre industries, particularly for portable sound equipment.

Better Batteries Initiative

Better Batteries brings together the music and theatre industries in a drive to switch over to rechargeable battery systems and increase the rate of recycling for both disposable and rechargeable batteries in line with government regulation. The initiative is open to venues and individual productions, and is backed by scientific research and case studies from commercial theatre productions which prove the reliability of the technology, environmental benefits and cash savings available.


The environmental benefits associated with using rechargeable batteries and recycling both disposable and rechargeable batteries after use include less pressure on natural resources, less pollution from the manufacturing process, less waste created and less carbon emissions resulting from transport and distribution, due to a decrease in the quantity of products being manufactured. Research has supported this by showing that throughout their life cycle rechargeable batteries have 32 times less impact on the environment than disposable batteries (UNIROSS 2007).

...and recycle!

In 2009 only 10% of batteries were recycled in the UK and in February 2010 regulation was put in place requiring this to increase to 45% by 2016. Recycling batteries is crucial to reuse finite natural resources and prevent the release of harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury or cadmium.

If you're already using and recycling Better Batteries.

Better Batteries Guide

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  • Published: 2011
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