Arts Council England is the first arts funding body in the world to put environmental sustainability in the contractual agreements of its major revenue funding programmes.

The Arts Council are working with Julie's Bicycle as a strategic partner to deliver this service.

The results of year one reporting are out - read the full report here.

The partnership with Julie’s Bicycle represents a new way of working for the Arts Council whereby we provide support and expertise directly to funded arts and cultural organisations.

Julie's Bicycle is providing:

  • A free-to-use online suite of carbon calculators, called the Creative IG Tools, which enables organisations to measure the environmental impacts of their energy and water use. These have been developed over a number of years and have been designed to reflect the specific sectors and activity types represented by funded organisations.
  • Telephone and email support for organisations learning how to use the Creative IG Tools and developing environmental policies and action plans
  • Online resources to assist organisations with the development of environmental policies and action plans. Please note Julie's Bicycle will not be able to review policies and action plans
  • Analysis of the environmental reporting results for the Arts Council England on an annual basis. 
  • An annual programme of webinars and workshops across England to support organisations with their reporting requirements. 

Changing Light Bulbs or Changing Minds?

Interested in what are the implications of this decision are? Read what Julie's Bicycle CEO Alison Tickell had to say about it in The Guardian.