Our global climate is changing and our natural world is threatened. This is down to poor stewardship of our land, seas and atmosphere, and painstakingly slow progress on international agreements. Our global infrastructure - including music - is reliant on fossil fuels and other finite natural resources. It is critical that we revalue, reconfigure and rebalance what we do.

The music industry can make a positive difference by transforming the way it does business. Here's how.

JB's top ten tips

  1. Measure your impacts using our IG Tool carbon calculators
    Find out how >
  2. Build green riders/clauses into contracts Find out how >
  3. Join our JB Green Music Network and campaigns Find out how >
  4. Do Industry Green for your office, festival, venue, studio or CD packaging and get the IG mark Find out how >
  5. Be energy, food and water efficient and reduce waste
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  6. Tell colleagues, clients and audiences what you're doing and why Find out how >
  7. Encourage your audiences to travel green Find out how >
  8. Ask for environmental information from your suppliers
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  9. Choose environmental and ethical merchandise Find out how >
  10. Use sustainably produced materials and technologies
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If you want to do more there is a list of actions specifically for industry professions and activities. Find yours on the menu bar on your left.