DECC Launches My2050 Web Simulation

Added on 3rd Mar 2011 by Sholeh Johnston

Today DECC launched My2050, an online simulation where you call the shots in choosing what you want 2050's low carbon economy to look like. From nuclear power stations to solar panels on every roof and fleets of electric cars, the UK is in your hands, providing that the initiatives you choose reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent and meet energy demands. 

My2050 is seen by DECC as the public's 'chance to take the big decisions about the nation’s energy future'; Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne said:

“There’s no silver bullet solution to the UK’s energy future. This project is all about getting to grips with the hard choices and trade-offs which need to be made, choices which will affect our homes, communities and the way we travel. We can’t afford to leave it till tomorrow – so get involved today.”

Read more on the DECC website and have a play here: My2050

Chris Huhne today also gave a keynote speech to CentreForum on A blueprint for our energy future driving home the reasons why a transition to a low carbon economy is fundamentally important to our country; the back story to why it's important we engage in and own the vision that the future-gazing exercise of My2050 provides. 

In summary, his speech set out:

  • why a $100+ oil price transforms the economics of low carbon and that staying addicted to fossil fuels is now the costly, high-risk option
  • how climate change is already costing the UK economy, and why he believes a global climate deal WILL happen
  • why the coalition puts insulating Britain’s homes so high on its agenda and how the Green Deal will end energy waste for good
  • why we have to keep ALL low carbon electricity options open if we’re to meet up to twice today’s demand in 2050, and
  • why we must learn from the past and come out of recession with new advanced green industries for growth and job creation.