Latitude gets on its bike

Added on 16th Jun 2010

Latitude festival is raising awareness of audience travel impacts by offering festival-goers the chance to win their very own Latitude single-speed bike from 14BikeCo, the cyclist’s bike shop of choice. The competition asks festival goers:

1)  How many grams of Carbon Dioxide per mile are put out into the atmosphere by just one passenger travelling in a car to the festival?
2)  How will you be travelling to the festival now you know that scary fact?

Riding your bike to the festival will obviously put out the least amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere!

Latitude have bike racks available onsite and offer directions on their Travel page.

Today, most bikes are little more than a variation on a theme. They come in boxes from factories in the Far East, and when they get to the shop, the handlebars are straightened, the tyres are pumped up, the pedals are fitted and they go onto the sales floor. They’re made to sell, not to inspire. 14 Bike Co was founded by Duncan McNamara and John Wainwright to offer riders, both new and experienced, a different way to get on a bike. The bike frames are exclusively made in Britain, from British steel and using construction techniques that have been perfected over decades. 14 Bike Co are helping to reintroduce the concept of hand made, lightweight, durable – and above all enjoyable – bikes.